Hugs From Mom and Dad, Without the Wires

The Coleman Lab was recently featured in a UCSD News article detailing their recent efforts in using Epidermal Electronics to monitor the brains of newborns to advance frontiers in neonatal health …

Getting this to work with babies who are very fragile, will also go a long way toward demonstrating that the device is robust while maintaining the comfort of the patient. As an added bonus, we’re doing something to reduce the physical barriers between parents and their newborn babies in intensive care, which can only be beneficial.

– Dr. Todd Coleman

Gates Foundation Award!

Dr. Todd Coleman of the Neural Interaction Lab @ UCSD and Dr. John Rogers from UIUC have recently been awarded with a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Challenge Grant for pregnancy monitoring using epidermal electronics. “Electronic tattoo” devices will be developed to continuously monitor contractions, fetal heart rate, maternal oxygen, maternal heart rate, and maternal body temperature, and transmit this information wirelessly to a smart phone. We plan for this technology to enable unobtrusive, continuous, and wireless pregnancy monitoring to advance the epidemiology of pre-term birth, especially in at-risk patients in developing countries.

Below you can find media coverage from several outlets related to the article.

Media Coverage: